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While scores of RIAs continue to experience growth, despite headwinds in the markets and economy, some firms are growing more strategically than others – and this strategic growth is exponentially more valuable according to Jeff Vivacqua, president of growth and development at Cambridge Investment Research.

In this episode of the RIA Edge podcast, Mark Bruno, managing director at Informa Wealth Management, speaks with Jeff about the drivers of high-quality growth and how RIA firm leaders can create processes and guidelines that will generate repeatable growth through M&A and organic strategies. Specifically, Mark and Jeff explore:

  • Areas of opportunity for advisors to accelerate the growth of their businesses organically 
  • How will the future drivers of growth differ from the previous, more traditional drivers of growth?
  • The firms that are growing the fastest – and the most consistently – what are they typically doing right? How are they thinking about, and investing in marketing, strategically?
  • What role will M&A play in Cambridge’s future growth and development?
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