Claudia Cypher Kane, a Raymond James-affiliated independent advisor, will be the next president-elect of the Financial Planning Association. The association’s board of directors voted for Kane, who is the group’s current Treasurer, to be next in line behind 2023 President James Lee.

Kane, a financial advisor since 1985, is based in Roseville, Calif., and works on financial planning, asset allocation and tax advice for individuals, fiduciaries and small businesses. Kane has been registered with Raymond James since 2011, with previous stints at Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch, among others, according to her BrokerCheck profile.

In addition to her responsibilities as FPA’s Treasurer, Kane also is wrapping up a three-year term on the group’s Board, is the volunteer leader of the Finance Committee and head of the association’s chapter in Northern California, as well as heading a coalition of FPA chapters throughout the Golden State.

Kane said she was looking forward to meeting with FPA’s members in the coming months prior to stepping into the new position.

“I have been a passionate advocate of our profession for many years and believe deeply in FPA’s role and purpose,” she said. “I am excited to join FPA’s Executive Committee in supporting our ongoing mission of growing and supporting our membership while advancing title protection as our primary advocacy objective.”

The FPA’s current president, Dennis Moore, said he’d worked with Kane during the “turbulent time in society” of the past several years and said Kane would play a key role in the push to get the “legal recognition of financial planners” with title protection.

“She is a talented and thoughtful leader who, as our current treasurer, often asks the difficult questions which always serve us well in making the best possible decisions for FPA and our members,” he said.

The Board also selected George Fernández to succeed Kane as next year’s Treasurer. He also will succeed Kane as head of the Finance Committee. Fernández has over two decades of experience in the industry, including as a business coach and consultant based in Kansas, and has served in numerous volunteer roles for the FPA, including working as president and board chair for the group’s Kansas City chapter.

“I believe there is a story behind the numbers you see on financial statements, and when we understand those stories, we gain a better perspective about our options and opportunities,” Fernández said. “I look forward to bringing objectivity, and when decisions are made, I will seek to provide the needed perspective on the financial decisions we will make.”

The FPA is intending to leave the Financial Planning Coalition (consisting of FPA, the National Association of Financial Planners and the CFP Board) by the end of the year. The move, originally reported by Financial Advisor, will help the FPA focus its efforts on achieving title protections. The association is also holding its first in-person annual conference in several years this December, after canceling its 2021 in-person event due to COVID-19 concerns.

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