Big data and AI technology has led to some major breakthroughs in online video technology. Irwin Lazar, president and principle analyst at Metrigy Research, writes that AI has opened a ton of new doors for video streaming technology.

AI technology can help improve the user experience and capture information during meetings more easily. “AI initiatives are coming from endpoint vendors, meeting software vendors and startups offering unique capabilities on their own or in partnership with meeting platform providers,” Lazar writes.

Video conferencing services offer a host of benefits. One of the biggest is automated transcription with machine learning algorithms. Facial recognition also helps participants see each other’s names and gauge their emotions. They can also use AI to create voice controls over meetings.

A growing number of video conferencing tools use AI technology. Zoom is one of the most well-known video conferencing tools that uses AI, but others are doing an even better job even if they don’t get the same recognition. One of them is iMind. In addition to using AI to improve the user experience, it has a great minimalist interface.

The iMind tool is a video conferencing solution for business purposes. The main reason for iMind to be one of the best platforms for video conferencing is its balanced functionality and wide versatility for various spheres. A reliable and easy-to-use option – what features does it offer to the business users, and how to get the most out of it? Let’s see.

The iMind platform: advantages

As we’ve mentioned, the main advantage of iMind that makes it stand out is its versatility, reliability, and ease of use. These are some of the reasons it is considered one of the best AI-powered apps for video conferencing. These factors are easy to explain by the tool’s core functionality that provides high-quality communication channels even in conditions of free usage. The iMind baseline features include:

  • Comfortable interface. It’s the first thing people see when start working with the platform, and the simple design accompanied by the comfortable colors makes it easy to handle operating the tool.
  • Simple algorithms. The main two actions – creating and joining the conference rooms – take only 2-3 steps, so it does not take time to realize how the system works.
  • Multiple applicability. Users can use the tool through whatever they are comfortable with: smartphone or PC, desktop or browser.
  • Necessary baseline functions are available in the free plan. You can use recording, noise suppression, multiple screens display, and others with no limits.
  • Free usage limits are reasonable. They allow for professional use by individuals even for free, with a maximum of 10 rooms available to create and a hundred attendees to invite for one meeting. 
  • Paid subscriptions offer enhanced features respectively to the company size each plan is designed for. It allows people to use iMind productively.

Thus, we understand that the platform provides the optimal balance for comfortable and effective usage. 

The iMind plans to choose from

To be more specific about the plans, iMind offers four variations:

  • free use is not limited and has some fair limits that were already mentioned;
  • the pro option provides more freedom of action as it offers to create unlimited rooms, use online chat, create individual branding for meeting rooms, and manage the rooms by one or several users by your choice;
  • the business subscription is suggested for bigger companies and provides opportunities for more independent remote interaction: linking through a custom subdomain, everlasting recording storage, live streaming, and personalized customer service;
  • the enterprise plan extends the limits to the possible maximum and is dedicated to large businesses as it offers on-place delivery, individual manager for support, cloud monitoring, localization, and other advanced features. 

To decide which plan is the most convenient, visit the website or contact the sales dep.

How to start working with the platform

It’s easy to start working with iMind. All you need is to:

  1. Visit the website. 
  2. Sign up through the corresponding button.
  3. Choose which data to use to join the platform.
  4. Start working with the Free plan (you can change it later at any moment).
  5. Explore your profile page.

It has several zones, the main of which is the space for the meeting room links. To create the first room, find the button Create above, and write the name for your future room. This name composes the link for the conference room you share with your attendees later. Consider that the name should be unique for every room. 

iMind is a Stellar AI-Driven Video Conferencing App

There are a lot of great AI-driven platforms for video conferencing. iMind is among them. It uses AI to create a stellar video conferencing experience. Platforms for video conferencing may have a different focus, and that’s why it’s tricky sometimes to choose one to organize your remote communication through. iMind helps solve this issue and offers a universal solution for the majority of possible purposes. Use it yourself to realize the difference and enjoy the communication experience available in the conditions the iMind tool provides!

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