Cloud technology has driven a number of changes in the financial sector. Alternative financial systems such as cryptocurrency trading have also changed as a result of cloud technology. We have talked about the benefits of using the cloud to trade bitcoins in developing economies like Algeria. However, it can be even more useful for trading newer currencies.

The cloud might help some of the newer cryptocurrencies achieve relevance. Nate Nead wrote an interesting post in stating that cloud computing is the next frontier of cryptocurrency. He mostly focused on the benefits of using the cloud for bitcoin, but it could also be useful for other cryptocurrencies such as Solana.

Cloud Technology Could Help Make Solana a More Viable Cryptocurrency

The most popular Ethereum blockchain was actively used for development and deployment of decentralized apps and smart contracts on the top of it. Over time, the network has become too overloaded with projects running on it, which led to increased fees and reduced throughput. That was when other crypto projects emerged and tried to surpass the Ethereum network with better throughput, faster transactions, and minimal fees. One such successful Ethereum competitor was Solana. It is one of the most popular blockchains where developers massively deploy their products, NFT projects, blockchain games, decentralized apps, etc. SOL is the native coin of the Solana network, and it is traded on all large platforms, so you can buy Solana crypto using any crypto exchange. The Solana price today (November 15, 2022) is $14,59.

Cloud technology is making Solana a more popular cryptocurrency than ever. A growing number of investors are using cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platforms to buy and sell Solana coins.

Cloud technology can also help with mining Solana. You can learn more about cloud cryptocurrency mining in this article by Jake Frankenfield.

Based on the asset’s price chart, experts have made the SOL price prediction, stating that the coin can reach $18 – 22 in 2023. So it is definitely worth buying some coins and holding them until the market trend changes in the future. Now let’s see where you can do this by leveraging cloud-based Solana trading platforms.

Where to Buy Solana on the Cloud?

You can use the WhiteBIT platform to check the Solana live price and buy this asset. According to Capterra, this is a cloud-based trading platform, which means you will get timely access and reliable support.

Why is WhiteBIT the best platform for buying Solana? Because it is an officially operating exchange providing clients safety and all possible trading tools, there are over 400 pairs to trade. Users who have passed verification have no limits on money withdrawal and access to various trading tools and financial instruments.

Besides, on WhiteBIT, you can buy Solana coins directly from your bank card. This option is obviously accessible for verified clients. The process of verification lasts for a couple of days.

To buy SOL on this cloud-based trading platform, follow the steps:

  1. Register an account
  2. Pass KYC
  3. Add your bank card 
  4. Deposit the amount of money you want to spend on buying SOL
  5. Pick SOL and fiat currency you have 
  6. See the Solana live price 
  7. See the fee
  8. Pay the fee
  9. Receive SOL to hour account.

Learn more about trading and the preferences of the Solana blockchain on the WhiteBIT blog.

Cloud Technology Helps Solana Traders

Solana is an up and coming cryptocurrency that has attracted a lot of support among investors. Cloud technology has made it easier to trade Solana, which is helping make the cryptocurrency more attractive.

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