From creating world-famous games like Tertis to being recognized by Google and Facebook with some of the most prestigious programmer awards, Russian developers have come a long way to becoming global leaders in programming.

The country is known for its large pool of skilled and expert programmers who are capable of accomplishing the most challenging tasks. All thanks to the country’s immense focus on promoting Science and Technology, Russia is known for its top-notch programming and IT services all around the world.

Naturally, the scope of the IT service sector is tremendously increasing in Russia, and so is its contribution to the country’s economy. The following section will throw light on the increasing scope and potential of Russia’s IT service sector in detail.

Increasing Scope of IT Services in Russia

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Have you ever wondered how cloud technology is changing the scope of the software development profession? There are clearly many benefits of the cloud, but they are especially significant in the computer science profession. Software engineers are obviously highly involved in the development of new cloud applications. However, they also use the cloud to do their jobs more effectively.


A number of Russian programmers are using cloud technology to expand their reach. As a result, they have become some of the most desired developers in the world.

How is the Cloud Allowing Russian Developers to Grow their Reach?

There are a number of ways that cloud technology helps programmers around the world do their job more effectively. Russian developers are no exception.

The cloud has helped Russian software engineers and programmers work remotely, which allows them to find clients in any part of the world. A growing number of cloud-based apps allow developers to work remotely. Microsoft Teams, Skype and Trello are just a few of the cloud tools that they use to connect with people all over the world.

Cloud technology has boosted the satisfaction of employees all over the world. One survey showed that 75% of developers are happiest working from home, which would not have been possible without modern advances in the cloud. However, the opportunity to connect with clients and employers around the globe is arguably an even bigger benefit. This is one of the biggest benefits for Russian developers.


The cloud also helps Russian developers store and access data more easily. This is also important, because data-driven software development is the future of the software engineering profession.

Russian Developers Become Some of the World’s Most Coveted Experts

At present, Russia is the global leader in the tech sector. With more than 400,000 programmers, the country has excelled in its IT services for a long time to become the top choice for entrepreneurs looking to build digital products for their businesses. None of this would have been possible without advances in cloud technology.

Russia has been persistently focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education to boost its IT service sector and create an unparallel position in the global IT service market.

The programmers in Russia are well-versed with the latest technologies and tech advancements and utilize their skills to curate top-class digital products. As a result, the global demand for Russian programmers has been on a surge lately.


Apart from high-tech expertise, there are numerous other factors that make Russian programmers prominent players in the IT service sector. The following section will thoroughly discuss how Russian programmers are changing the paradigm of the tech industry with their top-notch skills.

6 Reasons to Choose Russian Programmers

Low Development Rate

Programmers in Russia are known to have some of the lowest development rates across the globe. To explain, Russian developers generally charge $20-$30 per hour for their services. On the other hand, the development rates in countries like the USA and Canada can be as high as $150-$2000 per hour.

As a result, choosing Russian programmers makes it economically viable for businesses to create a digital platform for their business. Moreover, choosing Russian programmers is the most optimal option for businesses working on a limited budget. These programmers ensure that you receive high-quality results, while also maintaining the economic viability of the project.

High Technology Expertise

Earlier, we discussed how Russia is persistently focusing on promoting STEM education. Resulting from this, the programmers from this country hold tremendous technology expertise, a factor that is essential for the optimum quality of a digital product.


The developers from Russia are known to be programming-smart and are highly qualified to work on your project. Moreover, the programmers are familiar with consumer trends and ongoing technology trends, which is an important factor in ensuring that the digital product is at par with the market’s needs.

As a result, businesses that hire Russian developers to work on their projects benefit from a seamless development process and are certain to get top-tier results.

Ease in Communication

Seamless communication is essential for efficient and timely project completion. However, choosing programmers from a different country often results in a communication gap, primarily due to the language barrier.

On the contrary, choosing a developer from Russia reduces the communication gap to a great extent. This is because the Russian programmers have realized the scope of international business and have made themself familiar with some of the most prominent languages across the globe to grab these business opportunities.


Today, most Russian programmers are fluent in major foreign languages, especially English. As a result, hiring Russian developers ensures seamless and hurdle-free communication throughout the development lifecycle.

Flexible Working Hours

Businesses that hire development teams from other countries are often concerned about time zone differences. This is because working in different time zones makes it challenging between the business owner and the developer to communicate with each other. This is especially the case for businesses choosing developers from countries with totally opposite time zones.

However, you must know that Russian programmers have efficiently overcome this challenge. Today, most Russian programmers work flexible hours, and in many cases, even in their client’s time zone. This allows the businesses to easily communicate with the development team, further increasing the efficiency of the development process.

International Trust

Russia is a globally recognized location for its excellent-quality outsourcing services. You must know that the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) published a list of the top 100 outsourcing agencies in 2021, most of which were located in Russia.


Moreover, in the past few years, the Russian IT service sector has grown tremendously and has become a global leader in the international IT service market. Today, a large number of businesses are choosing Russia-based programmers to build their digital platforms, making Russia a global hub for the IT service industry.

Diverse Programmer Community

We mentioned before that Russia is one of the biggest IT hubs in the world. Programmers from Russia are known for their top-of-the-class skills and vast expertise in different technologies, languages, and frameworks.

There is a vast pool of talent in Russia, and therefore, choosing programmers from this country is an excellent idea. To explain, Stack Overflow, which is a popular portal among the programmer’s community, is commonly used to ask complex programming questions. Here, Russian programmers are known to have a solution to the most difficult challenges, exemplifying their programming skills and expertise.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of hiring Russian programmers for your project, you must be wondering, what are the ways to hire Russian programmers, right? The upcoming section has covered this topic in detail.


How to Benefit from Russian Developer’s Expertise?

In order to hire Russian programmers, you have to outsource your design and development requirements to either a Russia-based freelancer or a development agency. Either way, you must hire an external programmer/ team of programmers to work on your project.

Nowadays, businesses outsource development for websites, mobile apps, software, and numerous other technologies. Moving further, we will thoroughly discuss what exactly it means to hire a Russian freelancer and a development agency, and their impact on the project.

Hire Russian Freelance Developers

Freelancers are remote workers that are hired to work on project-specific requirements. Businesses usually hire freelance programmers from Russia to cut down on the overall cost of product development.

However, it is commonly known that hiring freelance programmers, even though it can reduce the project’s financial investment, can largely impact the end quality of the platform. Freelancers often focus on quantitative work over qualitative work, and therefore, hiring them can hinder the overall objective of developing a digital platform.


Moreover, it is commonly known that freelancers often take on multiple projects at once, and therefore, aim to finish the assigned task as early as possible, further resulting in compromised platform quality. Therefore, even though the initial investment in hiring a freelancer/ team of freelance programmers is low, you will greatly compromise on your platform’s efficiency, performance, and, most importantly, quality.

Hire Russian Development Agencies

Businesses hire development outsourcing agencies to get top-quality digital platforms within less time and cost investment. These development agencies have a complete team of project managers, designers, programmers, testing engineers, and business analysts to work on your business requirements.

As a result, hiring a development agency ensures that your project receives optimum attention and undergoes a complete development lifecycle. Moreover, it is worth noting that outsourcing your design and development requirements to an agency will guarantee that each phase of the development lifecycle will be handled by a qualified and experienced expert in that field.

Overall, outsourcing development to Russian agencies ensures that your digital product is developed within less time and cost investment and with optimal quality. This makes outsourcing to a development agency the most optimum option for digital platform development.


Moreover, most businesses looking to outsource design and development prefer to outsource their requirements to an agency over a freelancer. Regardless of whether you want to hire a freelancer or an agency, you will need to follow a systematic process to find the right development partner for your project. The upcoming section will cover these steps in detail and will provide clarity on this topic.

6-Step Process to Hire Russian Developers

Step 1: Search for Development Partner

Depending upon whether you are looking to hire a freelancer or an agency, you can use digital platforms to search for relevant digital partners.

In case you are looking to hire freelance programmers from Russia, you can use portals like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork and get a list of freelance programmers from the location of your choice. These platforms are highly competitive, and therefore, you can find Russian freelance programmers at a low price here.

On the other hand, if you are looking to hire a Russian design and development agency, you can use platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms to look for relevant agencies. All you need to do is visit these websites and search for services and locations, and you will get a list of all the agencies offering the services you are looking for.


Alternatively, you can also use search engines like Google to look for freelancers and agencies. All you need to do is fire relevant search queries, like ‘top freelance programmers in Russia’ or ‘leading design and development company in Russia’, and you are good to go.

Step 2: Check Profile

Once you have made a list of all the leading freelance programmers/ development agencies, you can review their profiles and check their experience. Generally, businesses look for factors like portfolios, client testimonials, and services offered to determine whether or not the development partner is eligible for the role.

You must know that if you are looking to hire freelance programmers, you will have to request them to share their portfolios. However, for development agencies, you can simply visit their website and get all the information you need in one place.

Moreover, it is commonly known that the information provided by agencies is more reliable and authentic, which may or may not be the case with freelancers.


Step 3: Shortlist Developers

Once you have reviewed the portfolios, client testimonials, and services and have received other necessary information on the potential development partners (freelancer/ agency), you must shortlist the development partner based on their capabilities.

This step ensures that all the under-qualified development partners are eliminated from your list. Once you have shortlisted the potential development partners, you will get the best of the best developers to outsource your project’s development.

Step 4: Send Requirements

Once you have shortlisted the agencies/ freelancers, you will be left with some of the best development partners to choose from. Here, you have to send your requirements to these development partners and get their input on your projects. Generally, the agencies/ freelancers provide a price quotation and estimated development timeline at this point, along with their ideas for the project.

Signing a mutual NDA is a good idea at this stage to maintain the integrity of your business idea. This way, you can ensure that your idea’s sole rights remain with you and are not being copied.


Step 5: Receive Feedback & Select a Development Partner

In this stage, you must review the proposals given by agencies and freelancers in the previous stage and choose one development partner.

Generally speaking, businesses consider development cost as the key factor in determining whether or not to choose a development partner. However, let us tell you that the ROI in digital product development is high. Therefore, even though the initial investment might seem to be high for your budget, you are likely to recover the investment in a short time span.

Moreover, if you want to cut down on time and cost investment, you can go for MVP development and launch a digital platform with just the essential features. This idea is also great for testing the waters in the market before investing in a full-scale platform.

Step 6: Finalize Contract

Once you have reviewed the feedback, you have to finalize and select one development partner and close the deal. Usually, the development agencies/ freelancers and business owners sign a contract here mentioning the terms and conditions of the project, along with numerous other factors.


This ensures a smooth and seamless development process. Once you have signed the contract, the development partner will immediately start working on the project.

This was it for the steps of hiring a development partner from Russia. Regardless of whether you want to outsource your development requirements to Russia or any other country, you can follow the same process and find the top programmers in the country.

Cloud Technology Has Helped Russia Gain Prominence in the Software Development Sector

Russia is a rising technology hub and is a globally renowned destination to outsource digital platform design and development. Many of these benefits can be attributed to advances in cloud technology. Owing to the high-tech expertise of Russian programmers and the country’s focus on developing its IT service sector, more and more businesses are choosing Russia to outsource their digital product development requirements. They can use cloud-based tools to connect with clients more easily than ever.


By understanding the different outsourcing approaches and following a systematic and well-defined selection process, businesses can easily find the right development team, benefit from Russian programmers’ tech expertise, and get a high-end product for their business.


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