Welcome to this week’s edition of 401(k) Real Talk, where Fred Barstein, contributing editor for’s RPA Edge, reviews all of last week’s industry news and selects the five most important/interesting stories.

  1. Job growth slows in September but war for talent is still hot
  2. RCH forms portability network with Fidelity, Vanguard & Alight
  3. Court determines that TIAA not a fiduciary when providing rollover advice
  4. Managed accounts set to reach $16 trillion
  5. DOL sends final ESG rule to White House for approval

Other interesting news:

  1. Watch McKinsey’s head of wealth and retirement Jon Godsall on 401k Real Chat
  2. Study shows DC participants scaling back contributions
  3. Hub acquires Quintes in N California
  4. Plans slow to adopt ESG funds
  5. Plan data needed to facilitate wellness programs


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